Is Paperless Safety Possible?

In this day and age everyone has a smartphone, we all have access to the internet and technology seems to be everywhere, even my car can talk to me. So why do safety systems seem to be so far behind in the technology stakes. I have used a multitude of different safety programs over the years, some better than others but all clunky and really unusable to a large degree. The user experience was so poor that they made you not want to use the product, the work flow didn’t always fit properly so there were gaps that had to be filled with other programs or manually. All in all they failed to deliver any kind of improvement to safety and I am sure in some cases actually made things worse.

As much as we safety professionals might like to believe that people would do everything by the book when it comes to safety, we know that if it is difficult to do or time consuming people will avoid it especially when they perceive a low risk.  Imagine for a moment if you could manage all of your safety compliance from your smartphone. Imagine you never needed to carry any more paperwork around with you. Paperless safety.

It’s my belief that making safety processes as simple as possible is the best way to get people to get involved and really accept the safety process into their normal work process. This is when safety becomes more, more than a piece of paper, more than a thing I have to do.

What if I could pull up at a new job site and complete a personal risk assessment on my phone, then pull up the procedure for working at height to make sure I had the right tools, then I created a SWMS for that job all in less than 5 minutes? This changes things. You can be compliant, safe and never loose paperwork again.

This really is not only possible but we are implementing systems like this for customers all the time. Ask us today at the KIS Group about how you can go paperless NOW.

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