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  • Donesafe Tips & Tricks

    Get expert ideas a tips for Donesafe

  • Safe Work Method Statements

    Hundreds of them

  • HR Policies and Procedures

    Every one you can think of

  • Safe Operating Procedures

    Hundreds of them for all your equipment

  • Ideas and Info

    Get information and ideas about Websites, app development, SEO and much more.

  • Toolbox Talks

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  • HR Documents

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But documents are just the beginning..

The KIS Community is a place to find valuable tools, documents and information about HR, Safety and your business in general. It’s a place to learn, share and help others but most of all we want to help support business owners and managers out there to make life easier, business more successful and take some of the stress out of a tough job. 

Document Downloads

Hundreds of documents to choose from, SWMS, SOP's, Policies, Procedures, Plans and more. Everything you will need in your business and if we dont' have it just request it and we will add it to the library. Currently more than 100 SWMS, 200 SOP's, 40 Policies and Much more.

Safety & HR Videos

If you have ever wondered what something like a Policy was all about then you will love our videos. Our short explainer videos will help you understand everything you need to run your business.

The Keep It Simple Podcast

We love talking to businesses so we thought we should make a podcast out of it. Get valuble insights into what has made all kinds of businesses successful and how to keep your sanity along the way.

Community Chat/Forums

Part of what makes this membership different is we really want a safe space for business owners and managers to discuss difficult topics and get some advice and support along the way. We really want to build a supportive and interactive community of business owners and managers.

News and Blog

We all need to keep up to date but it's also important to understand the information. So not only will we keep you up to date on Safety/HR and business topics but we will ensure it's in simple terms and easy to understand. We will also have guest writers who are specialists in their field to give you even more value.

WHS & HR Courses

It's important to understand your obligations as a business owner or manager so we have developed courses to make it simple for you to know what you need to know. All part of the Premium Membership.

Donesafe Tips & Tricks

We are specialists in Donesafe and we love to share ideas to get the most out of our favourite software. Learn how to tweak the most powerful software available to do exactly what you want when you want it too.

Business Information and Ideas

We want you to get the most out of your business so we help with websites, apps, SEO and much more. We give information and ideas on how to get the most out of these parts of your business.

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